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'Medium chain acyl dehydrogenase deficiency (MCADD) is a rare inherited disorder where your body cannot metabolise (break down) fat properly.

MCADD can cause drowsiness, lack of energy and diarrhoea, and can put you at risk of complications such as seizures, breathing difficulties and even coma or sudden death (see Symptoms for more information).

Symptoms usually appear during infancy or early childhood, but in rare cases they may not appear until adulthood.'

(The above is courtesy of NHS Direct) for more information please follow the link :-


More information can be found at :- (Newborn Screening Program) (NHS Scotland) (Children Living with Inherited Matabolic Diseases)


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'A UK parents support group to get help, advice or simply grumble on dealing with MCADD day-to-day'

Medium chain acyl dehyrogenase deficiency